Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Successful but not such a good day.

Well firstly the successful part, I managed to find my way back here to write my second blog without having to ask hubby for help.

Secondly: Not such a good day.
I have been to see the physio therepist today, I am going to be seeing a lot of them over the next year or mor as I recover from my spinal op. Any way he has basically said that I have to spend the next 2 weeks doing nothing but resting as my muscles aren't liking me very much for making them do what they are supposed to and haven't done for the last 10 years. This is going to be hard as we are in the process of packing up our house ready to move.

On the plus side though it now means I can sit and do lots of lovely knitting without feeling guilty because the house work isn't being done.

My first knitting task is to make 13 stress ball beanbugs for my craft fair as I have the bags already to go. Then I will finish off making all the lovely pairs of little shoes I have started but need buttons. This little lot should all be done by friday. Then next week I can make a start on some cocoons and blankets and a couple of little boy cardigans.

I will post pictures of the shoes and beanbugs once I have done some.


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