Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Well what a dissapointing few days.

The weekend didn't start well at all. We were supposed to have 2 viewings of our house an neither turned up so dissapointment number one.

Friday night was a blast though with a function on the base.

So Saturday and my first craft fair of the weekend. The day went really well and I made some money and sold a few things so that was great then Sunday arrived.

Sunday what a horrid day. It rained most of the day but I trundled off to my second fair of the weekend and what a dissapointment. It was a very poor turn out hardly anyone through the door and I made a loss and only sold 3 things.

So I came home cold, wet and out of money and I thought well I know I will hold a huge sale on my Facebook page for 48 hours.

I created a SALE album with 57 pictures in I put all my items on at a loss to me and very cheap.

It started off well making a sale 4 mins in then that was it nothing not another sale, comment like nothing.

I now have no idea what to do something has to give. I keep getting orders so thats a bonus and I do have them running through to May next year so I am obviously doing something right.

Anyway moan over. Back to the drawing board and see what happens in the New Year.

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