Thursday, 29 December 2011

Long Time

Well hello there!

Long time since I updated this blog so here goes......

Firstly we are all moved and settled into our new house, but this didn't go without a drama, my car went bang befrore making it out of the road to our old house so thats a bad start.

When we got here had a hole in the window so it was cold.

All sorted now.

I finally have a knitting room with all my patterns neat and my wool on display so I can easily decide on what to do and it looks fab.

I have finally re opened my order books and have my web page fully up and running at

Christmas was a whirl as we had only been in the house 2 weeks before heading off to my parents for the big event itself. Home this tuesday and now have the inlaws for a week.

Have just abvoput finished my orders for next year so I am looking for things to do.