Friday, 13 April 2012

News & Up Coming Events

I have now completed all orders in my book so if you would like anything please get in touch with me.

I am currently working on items for the 2 craft fairs I have coming up in May.

One is on the 13th at the Oasis leisure center in Swindon starting at 10.30

the other is

19th May in New Milton Hampshire again staring at 10.30.

I will be working on my own baby things after these two events and will not be taking orders whilst I do so, so please get those orders in if you would  like them doing before september.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Im sorry for my abscence of late but I have good news to share.

I am having my first baby so all my knitting will come in handy for me. Unfortunately this has left me very sick for the last few months and I haven't actually done any knitting.

I am now catching up on my orders and will hopefully be able to post some pictures very soon for you to look at.


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Knitting is it an addiction?

I have been asking myself this question a lot lately, Am I addicted to knitting?

Well I think I must be because if im away from the house doing something else like shopping I am always thinking god I could be at home knitting that order or doing that hat I like.

So I guess the next question should be do I need to worry about this addiction?

Well I don't think so, I am not in debt from all the wool I buy and patterns too and as long as my house work is done and hubby is fed and watered what does it matter that I spend the rest of the day doing something I get a lot of enjoyment from?!

Do you agree? Do any of you think you are addicted to your craft/hobby?

I have been very good this week and I haven't purchased any wool or a pattern but the week isn't over yet.

I have however been working really hard on the shawl I am doing, it's a new pattern to me using wool I haven't knitted with before and I must say I am loving it. (Will post a pic of my progress tomorrow)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Progress in lots of ways at Lulabellas and at home.

We've finally got a tennant to rent our house so we can relax a bit, I have my car back up and running so can now go and explore all the local wool shops Yay!. The house is now all fixed and we can settle in properly and I can concentrate on knitting.

I now officially have my knitting room.

I know lots of wool!

Hubby treated me to a hand made basket bowl for christmas to put my wool in when im knitting outside so cant wait for summer so I can use it.

Web page is now fully live up and running so take a peek it even has a shop.

Currently knitting a shawl and stock for my first craft fair in March will post dates for all my fairs this year at a later date.


Thursday, 29 December 2011

Long Time

Well hello there!

Long time since I updated this blog so here goes......

Firstly we are all moved and settled into our new house, but this didn't go without a drama, my car went bang befrore making it out of the road to our old house so thats a bad start.

When we got here had a hole in the window so it was cold.

All sorted now.

I finally have a knitting room with all my patterns neat and my wool on display so I can easily decide on what to do and it looks fab.

I have finally re opened my order books and have my web page fully up and running at

Christmas was a whirl as we had only been in the house 2 weeks before heading off to my parents for the big event itself. Home this tuesday and now have the inlaws for a week.

Have just abvoput finished my orders for next year so I am looking for things to do.


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Off to pastures new

Well im nearly up to date on all orders only 2 left to do before christmas which is a good thing really as I am moving house on monday.

Because of the move I am unable to take on any more knitting requests untill after christmas.

Friday, 11 November 2011

More Exciting times.

I have spent the last week on a princes trust course learning about running a business and how to do all the boring math stuff but I found the whole thing very exciting and interesting and I am looking forward to completing the course in a few months time.

I also have a new house and a move date so that is all very exciting.

Down side to move:
1) Have to pack wool in boxes
2) Have to pack patterns in boxes
3) Have to pack needles in boxes (I have new ones a gift from my husband for christmas)
4) Have to decided what not to pack so that I can keep my orders up to date.