Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Knitting is it an addiction?

I have been asking myself this question a lot lately, Am I addicted to knitting?

Well I think I must be because if im away from the house doing something else like shopping I am always thinking god I could be at home knitting that order or doing that hat I like.

So I guess the next question should be do I need to worry about this addiction?

Well I don't think so, I am not in debt from all the wool I buy and patterns too and as long as my house work is done and hubby is fed and watered what does it matter that I spend the rest of the day doing something I get a lot of enjoyment from?!

Do you agree? Do any of you think you are addicted to your craft/hobby?

I have been very good this week and I haven't purchased any wool or a pattern but the week isn't over yet.

I have however been working really hard on the shawl I am doing, it's a new pattern to me using wool I haven't knitted with before and I must say I am loving it. (Will post a pic of my progress tomorrow)

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