Monday, 19 September 2011


Evening all.

I hope you are all well!? I've had a busy last few weeks knitting up lots of things for my craft fair this weekend.

After this fair I wont be doing any more this year as I have so many orders I need to concentrate on first.

The above picture is a Stocking Cocoon I have knitted and a christmas T Bag hat. Taken by my lovely friend. Im so very proud of this as it looks fab.

So my knitting has gone made this week 7 orders to fill and a craft fair to prepare for and I went and decided to try out Pixie hats.

Do you like them?

I am currently making some papaer mache heads to display my hats on and this will help me to take better photos.

Yesterday my back hurt so I had lots of time to sit and do my knitting and I succeded in making a santa hat, this pixie hat and start a pumpkin.

I wonder what I can knit tomorrow!

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